Complexity of taxation and employment legislations can be time consuming.

Take pay processing off your plate

Any organization may find payroll to be a time-consuming chore. We ensure that your staff members are paid consistently, correctly, and on time. Payroll processing by Jatinder Hundal Inc. guarantees on-time payments. Whether a direct deposit or a check, we’ll ensure your employees are paid on time. Additionally, it is much simpler than doing it alone. Send us the required information by email, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll make sure all relevant financial standards are accurate and current. You can relax knowing that your taxes and remittances are being handled and documented accurately with Jatinder Hundal Inc.

You can turn a time-consuming administrative task into a hassle-free, money-saving activity for your business by giving us your payroll obligations. You won’t need to employ a dedicated payroll employee or run your own payroll system if we’re handling your payroll. As your seasoned payroll partner, we will handle all your payroll requirements.

Benefits of outsourcing your payroll:

  • High accuracy and reliability;
  • Lesser risks and fewer hassles;
  • Timely reports and submissions;
  • Cost effective solution;
  • Friendly and helpful staff;
  • Up-to-date with payroll legislation changes.

Payroll solutions

  • Preparing employee payrolls includes calculating salaries and personal income tax, social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance contributions;
  • Creation of transfer and payment orders that correspond to the employees’ salaries;
  • Preparing and submitting annual and monthly tax returns;
  • Preparing and submitting record of employment;
  • Creation of computations for further contracts as requested by the client;
  • Production and electronic filling of year-end T4s.